We are a production services company

in Lisbon serving clients from all over the world for their shooting & filming in Portugal.

We offer an exclusive and high quality services, with an outstanding and professional level. We deliver a smooth-running productions and fine-tuned services.

Work with Nomad if You want to save your time, use a great network and shoot on the best locations.

Why Portugal?

Portugal offers fantastic locations. The variety of scenery is amazing, in a country with a total extension of just over 900kms. In a relatively small area, we can find from the mountains of the Northeast, the central plateau, passing through the terraces of the Douro, the green of Minho, and don’t forget the more arid Alentejo and the warm Algarve. A panoply of colors and landscapes, as if it had been designed by a plastic artist, who still changes with the seasons, which increases even more the panoply of scenarios.

Team that does things differently

We like to have the best crews, experienced, motivated, happy, positive and calm, but always efficient. We enjoy each production, and you can feel it on set. With some confidence, we can say that deliver a smooth-running productions it's our commitment!

  • Permissions
  • Project Management
  • Production Organization
  • Location Scouting & Managing
  • Pre-production & Production Set-Up
  • Supervision
  • Budgeting
  • Digital Equipment
  • Management
  • Equipment Rental & Support
  • Scheduling
  • Comprehensive Insurance
  • Digital, Video & Live Castings
  • Travel, Accomodation & Transfers
  • Model Casting & Booking
  • Catering
  • Airport Transfers – Hire Transportation
  • Photographers, Stylists, Art Directors & Crew
  • Permissions & Customs Clearance
  • Our services can be booked individually or completely.